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I watch a lot of television and movies. I like fast music and old, sad songs. Generally, I am an embarrassing human being.

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12 April 11

Canadian LOLitics:

…at the end of the day, that is the message this Prime Minister is sending to the voters and yes, the children of Canada. The hell with the truth, the lie will set you free. And you know what? It’s not good enough. Because in a free and open society, when it comes to government operations, the people who pay the bills deserve to know the truth. And I know Mr. Harper, sometimes the truth hurts. But the truth will not harm democracy. Only secrets and lies will do that.”

Thank you, Rick Mercer. Doctoring documents, refusing information, killing the right to seek information and outright lying - this is a very scary reality that the Canadian “democracy” is facing. I hate pushing my own political opinions on other people but Harper is not fit to be Prime Minister of anywhere. It’s one thing to vote Conservative but supporting this man just doesn’t make sense unless you like being lied to. Indeed, Harper (or Harpoon as my bff likes to call him), is simply not good enough.


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